Arizona EC Retail Consulting, Inc.

Kevin J. Groninga

3963 W. Desert Hills Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85029







    IBM midranges   ‑ SYS/36, SYS/38, iSeries & AS/400 using OS/400



    Midrange   ‑ JDA MMS (PMMi), Aldon CMS, Turnover, Thenon, Sterling Gentran/400,

                       Gentran, Harbinger Premenos, Harbinger Express, Inovis TrustedLink/400,

                       SPS Commerce, Total/400, FaxStar, ISD, SDA, RDA, PDM, Hawkeye,

                       Questview, FTP.


    P.C.'s       ‑ Microsoft Office suite including Frontpage, Visio, Project, Word, Excel,

                       Power Point, Outlook.  IBM Client Access, SDI TN3270 Plus.



     Midrange   ‑ RPG II/III, RPG/400, RPGLE, RPG ILE, RPG Free, CL, CLP, CLLE, CL/400,

                         DDS, Sub-Files, DSPF, CMD, Physical File Triggers, Query, ICF, DDM,

                         ANSI X12 (EDI), VICS (EDI)


     P.C.'s       ‑ Basic, FORTRAN, HTML, XML




    Western Iowa Tech Community College, Sioux City, Iowa

    Associates of Applied Science Degree Data Processing/Computer Programming 1983


    Verhoef Information Packages, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona

    Certificate of Achievement for Rexx Programming Workshop 1990


    Sterling Software, Dublin Ohio

    Certificate of Achievement for Gentran/400 Training Course 1992


    Bendata Products, Colorado Springs Colorado

    Certificate of Completion for HEAT Call Tracking Administrator Training Course 1997


    Harbinger, Concorde California (Now Inovis)

    Certificate of Completion for Basic and Advanced TrustedLink/400 1999



Employment History:

Arizona EC Retail Consulting, Inc., Phoenix Arizona

   07/01 -             Owner/President, Self-employed Contract Analyst

                                Client listing:

West Marine – MMS, EDI                   Retail Ventures - MMS

Leslies Pools – MMS, EDI                   MC Sports – MMS, EDI

Logical Design – RPAS                        Follett – MMS, EDI

Riverbend Consulting – MMS            Perfumania - MMS

Casual Male – MMS, EDI                    Retail Application Specialists – MMS

SPS Commerce – EDI                            Tango Consulting – EDI


JDA Software, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona

   10/98 - 07/01    Sr. Technical Specialist, New Product Development

   08/96 - 10/98    Applications Manager, New Product Development

   06/95 - 08/96    Senior Technical Analyst, Consulting Services Group


Northern Automotive Corp., Phoenix, Arizona

   08/87 ‑ 05/95  Sr. Program Analyst/EDI Technical Analyst



 Outstanding Achievements:

     As owner/president of Arizona EC Retail Consulting, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with a number of iSeries clients and participating in literally thousands of projects, both large and small.  Most notably has been West Marine.  I’ve been working with them for over 7 years and during that time I’ve been able to participate in quite a number of projects involving such things as major revisions and enhancements to the EDI systems as well as supporting all of the iSeries side applications that handled their internet web sites, sending customer, product and price data to the web and translating and processing all incoming data such as orders, credit card applications and customer loyalty information.  During my time with West Marine I was also involved in hundreds of other projects including normal day to day ‘bug fixes’ and program updates and enhancements.  My exposure to West Marine’s MMS system has been widespread and I’ve worked on nearly every application within the MMS Suite as well as most of West Marine’s ‘home-grown’ systems.


     As application manager at JDA, I was tasked with planning, designing and coordinating all aspects of an entire module within the JDA MMS system for integrating EDI functionality into the host system applications.  The interface was designed to be flexible enough to work with almost any translator (EDI) software product on the market.  Transactions available included 850 PO’s, 860 PO Changes, 856 ASN’s, 810 Invoices, 852 Product Activity, 855 PO Acknowledgments, 832 Price/Sales Catalogs and Inventory Advices.  Was key player in forming strategic partner alliances with both Harbinger (then Peregrine, now Inovis) and SPS (St. Paul Software).  Both sets of software allowed our clients to be able perform business critical B2B functions using traditional EDI as well as many new and emerging technologies such as Web Forms and XML.  I created over 180 ‘generic’ maps and ‘ready-made’ XSL style sheets so that the process of beginning an EDI program was simple, cost efficient and relatively quick to install. Other design features included archiving, reprocessing and document tracking. Many of our clients have used these features for purchasing, vendor managed inventory, product selection and competitive pricing.


     Have attended many EDI User/Vendor Conferences including most recently the 1999 Uniform Code Council (UCC) Conference in Phoenix.  I’ve also been a member of Phoenix EDI User Groups.


     The installation, system design, maintenance and document design of the Gentran/400 EDI data translation package for the merchandising, accounting and sales departments of Northern Automotive.


     The design and installation of  'NACNet', Northern Automotive's direct connect EDI network for the exclusive use of their high‑volume trading partners.




   As owner of Arizona EC Retail Consulting, I’ve been able to work with a great number of MMS clients and have had exposure to nearly all of the applications within the JDA MMS software suite.  This includes EDI, Purchasing, Warehousing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Processing, Point Of Sale and many more.  I’ve also had the opportunity to work with several Non-JDA clients and perform similar application development services for them.  In each case I was able to consult with the clients, develop strategies to solve the task, document these strategies in the form of functional and technical design documents and then execute the design.  I also work with the client to unit test the applications, install them into production and then provide support to ensure the best product possible was delivered ON TASK, ON TIME and ON BUDGET!


   My position at JDA as Applications Manager for New Product Development included responsibility for managing all of the tasks involving several modules of their AS/400 Merchandise Management System. These modules include EDI, Transfers, Open To Buy, Merchandise Analyzer, Stock Analyzer, Sales Analysis, Inventory Stock Ledger and Returns To Vendor.  I also managed several other Systems Analysts who assisted in the modification and enhancement of the base product programs. Our group was also responsible for client issue verification and problem resolution. 


   My position at JDA as Systems Analyst in Consulting Services afforded me a familiarity with one of the most popular Retail/POS software solutions for the AS/400.  My task was working with clients in installing and modifying the base software package to fit the specific requirements of the clients business need.  Part of my time was spent analyzing and creating functional and technical specifications for client approval, the rest being spent actually creating the modified source code to be migrated into the client’s software environments.  Traveling to the client sites has taken much of my time as working directly with each client yields stronger working relationships.   


   My responsibilities as Senior Programmer Analyst at Northern Automotive included support of several high‑profile application systems as well as the design, coding and implementation of new systems.  Being available 24 hrs. per day was also required. I was expected to organize tasks, interview users, develop technical specifications, schedule man‑hours, track usage and report progress for several key systems and available resources both hardware and software.  I've also had experience in the applicant interviewing process as I was required to help hire and develop associates of my applications team.


   My knowledge of RPG/400, RPGLE, CL & Query is extensive. I've designed and programmed many different applications including such areas as Point of Sale data collection and store item file maintenance, several warehousing aspects, Invoicing, Purchase Orders, in‑house application master file maintenance, electronic parts cataloging, product purchase projections, POS sales reports, production change control as well as all of the application and technical aspects of large scale EDI operation.  I've designed, mapped and created all of the in‑house applications for at least eight ANSI X12 documents including the 850 Purchase Order, 810 Invoice, and the 856 Advance Shipping Notice.  I was also responsible for programming and coordinating the transmission of these documents to over 250 different trading partners and 2 Value Added Networks as well as 'NACNet', the direct‑connect applications and software that allowed many of the high volume trading partners to communicate and exchange document envelopes directly to and from the AS/400 system eliminating the need for the Value Added Networks and their costs.  I was also in contact with many of these trading partners and their EDI Coordinators on a daily basis helping to resolve any errors or problems that occurred.  I've also spent much time in answering questions about EDI or in testing and designing the EDI systems and mapping for many of these trading partners that were just designing and planning their own EDI business programs.


    As a Sr. Programmer Analyst I've had many opportunities to develop different coding techniques such as sub‑files, multiple record format logical files, ICF and DDM files, open query files, join files, data areas and CMD programs.  My RPG techniques include tables, arrays and use of several of the newer operation codes such as SELEC, LEAVE and CLEAR as well as the *INZSR sub‑routine and RPG Free styles.  My knowledge of the CL command set is extensive as my exposure to communications and system operations has been frequent.




Recommendations For Kevin:


Owner: Arizona EC Retail Consulting, Inc.


“Kevin has been providing remote and intermittent on-site support to West Marine for almost a decade. I have worked with him in several big and small projects over these years. His performance is consistence and always delivers quality result. He possesses strong problem solving skill and has vast technical knowledge. He is self motivated and able to work independently. He is efficient in his work and has a solid work ethic. West Marine can always rely on his speedy turn around time for a solution. Great job, Kevin!”

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

K.K. Ong
hired Kevin as a IT Consultant in 2000


“I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin throughout the years at West Marine and have found him to be a very detail-oriented and solution driven person. Kevin takes the time to understand the needs of his customer and the scope of a project to deliver an outstanding product in a better than expected manner.”

Cathy Thrasher, Loyalty and Affinity Marketing Manager, West Marine Products
worked with Kevin at Arizona EC Retail Consulting, Inc.


“I worked with Kevin for several months on a project to fix several programs that had been causing accounting problems. I found him to be extremely efficient, methodical, focused and smart. He drove the process to figure out and solve the design problems we encountered and he was able to resolve all the challenges we ran into along the way. From my experience, I would highly recommend Kevin's work.”

Ginny Pepin-donat, Accountant, West Marine
worked with Kevin at Arizona EC Retail Consulting, Inc.


“I have worked with Kevin as a colleague and most recently as the owner of Arizona EC Retail Consulting, Inc. He is extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented and thorough in his work. I have done QA on projects Kevin has completed and he is always willing to review and discuss the testing process to insure all scenarios are covered.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Annette Ghio
hired Kevin as a IT Consultant in 2008, and hired Kevin more than once

“Kevin's expertise helped us troubleshoot and fix years of old code and logic to help us better serve our customers in the online channel.”

Richard Millang, Director, Internet Channel, West Marine
worked with Kevin at Arizona EC Retail Consulting, Inc.


“I have worked with Kevin on several projects that have spanned over a number of years. I have always found Kevin to be very knowlegeable, detail oriented and meticulous in his work. Kevin lends his business knowledge and experience to the projects he works on; marrying his knowledge with requirements of the business. My experience with Kevin has always been very positive and the projects successful.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Donna Starr
hired Kevin as a IT Consultant in 2005, and hired Kevin more than once


“Kevin is very detailed oriented and great at design, development, and support.”

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

Richard Marano
hired Kevin as a IT Consultant in 2000


“Kevin is an excellent analyst and developer. I have worked closely with Kevin on many complex projects over the last 6 years. He has always added extra value by bringing the best solution to the table. His projects have been on time and the quality is suburb. I highly recommend Kevin and congratulate anyone who has the good fortune to employee him.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Debbie Chacamaty
hired Kevin as a IT Consultant in 2001


Application Manager: New Product Development, JDA Software


“The changes in Information Technology are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Software excellence and success lies in one’s ability to merge the strategic with the tactical, to understand the needs and expectations of each organization, and to deliver and support the technologies and applications appropriate to each functional organization. In the13+ years that I have worked with Kevin Groninga, I can safely say that he is an expert in Retail Enterprise software with a specialty in EDI. Kevin has been successful identifying emerging technology trends and the relationship between critical business systems, competitive marketing, product and system performance optimization and customer relationship strategies. Kevin’s dedication to the client is beyond compare. As an independent consultant, he is a client favorite, conducting himself in a professional manner and making sure that the client always knows that they are the priority. I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin for whatever project you are considering. You will not find a more driven, focused, professional, efficient and of course – nice – person to work with. If you would like to discuss Kevins’s experience and qualifications with me, please feel free to contact me.”

Dan Corbett, Senior Director, Eastern Region, Consulting Services, JDA Software
managed Kevin indirectly at JDA Software


“I worked with Kevin when at JDA on several projects in different departments. He is very knowledgable and has the ability to work under extreme pressure and a clear head.”

Don Green, Senior Analyst, JDA Software
worked with Kevin at JDA Software


“I worked with Kevin under a variety of circumstances at JDA and engaged his services at Leslie's as well. Kevin is competent, detail-oriented, conscientious, and productive.”

Len Tamboer, Director of Portfolio Integration, JDA Software
worked directly with Kevin at JDA Software


“I have known Kevin for fourteen years, and worked with him many times when we were both in the employ of JDA Software. He has always exceeded the expectations of anyone he has worked with or for. I highly recommend him.”

Larry Cunningham, Applications Manager, JDA Software
worked with Kevin at JDA Software


“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kevin Groninga for over 15 years and have always been impressed with the technical as well as personel skills he has exhibited. He is a very competent and knowledgeable technician and manager who works well with both members of his team as well as his clients. Kevin has demonstrated time and again his willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that the client's needs were not only met, but that their expectations were exceeded. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking to add a valuable resource to their project. His expertise as well as his positive "can do" attitude makes him a great addition to any team or project he is assigned to.”

Bart Garlotte, Programmer / Analyst NPD, JDA Software
worked with Kevin at JDA Software


“I had the pleasure working with Kevin in the New Product Development Group at JDA for a little over a year. I would have to stay that Kevin was one of the strongest technical individuals in the group and provided significant enhancements to the JDA Software MMS suite of programs. His drive to deliver high quality applications helped him to achieve numerous enhancements to the systems that have been very beneficial to many retailers. Kevin also demonstrated superior professionalism within the department and to our customer base. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with Kevin again and would provide recommendations of his work both inside of JDA and as a consultant. Rod Helmick”

Rod Helmick, Retail Application Specialists, JDA Software
worked directly with Kevin at JDA Software